PRJ: erthe369 (2 strap pack)
PRJ: erthe369 (2 strap pack)

PRJ: erthe369 (2 strap pack)

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All new Thermo-flex base
This new layer allows for greater flexibility and conformity around difficult surfaces. This means the tab of the strap moulds tightly to the shoe sole. Tip: For shoe soles with no smooth surfaces, try applying some heat to the tab with a heat gun while fitting. This will activate the Thermo-flex layer further for a welded-on finish.

Learn more in our step by step fitting guide: Fitting Guide – Earthling3

Double layer
Extra layer of self healing polymer gives the erthe369 double the durability of its predecessor.

Better contact
Super conductive (200 ohm resistance) layer with larger contact points means grounding on all surfaces.

Each pack includes 2 x PRJ: erthe369 straps.