The Earthling Edge

Earthling 3.0 grounds you to positively affect critical biological functions

No drugs, no magic: you’re not going to get taller or grow 2 extra abs. We’re talking small, marginal improvements across a range of physiological processes. When you’re competing, a 1% edge is all you need. A recent, peer-reviewed article in the journal, Neonatology (2017), demonstrates how electrical grounding improves activity of the vagus nerve, which regulates the body at rest, including heart rate, vein diameter, and activity in the heart, lungs, and digestive tract.

One percent means everything.

Earthling Technology

Grounding the Body

The human body produces a bit of excess electricity, which (when you’re barefoot) naturally flows into the ground.

Electrical Tension

Most modern shoes have rubber soles, which act as insulators and prevent the flow of electricity from your body to the ground. This results in a small amount of electrical tension (also known as Voltage) between your body and the ground.

Getting Grounded with Earthling 3.0

Earthling 3.0 is a ruggedised, electrically-conductive strap that fits onto any shoe and bypasses the rubber sole, thereby “grounding” you and resolving the electrical tension. You can test this at home with a Voltmeter - check out a demonstration video posted by our users.

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